Andrew Obee

Committee on Co-operation

Richard Thomas

Nominating Committee

Steve Kent

Governance Committee

Brenda Sweeney

National Camps and Properties – Standards Compliance, Learning and Support

Guy Meyer

International Commissioner

Chris von Roretz

National Youth Network

Caitlyn Piton

National STEM Team Lead

George Mawko

DNC — Technology & Innovation

Mike Cholubko

Systems and Business Analysis

Bob Collison

Current and Emerging Technologies

Brandon Scott

Technology Roadmap

Carlos Silva

User Experience Champion

John Cosgrave

Kevin Wigle

DNC — Volunteer Services

Jane Johnston

Learning & Development

Ross Benton

Commissioner Development

Andrea Cook

Theresa Allen-Young

Volunteer Experience


Public Appointment Process

Elizabeth French




Ralph Barnes, Team Lead for National Volunteer Services – Recognition

Stewart Giem, National Volunteer Services, Support Scouter

Peter Champagne

DNC — Marketing and Communications

Dirk Seis

Social Media

Lee Rego

Internal Communications

Brian Peebles

Local Marketing

Ella Misfeldt