Call for Nominations — Board of Governors

Member-at-Large, Board of Governors

The Nominating Committee of Scouts Canada is seeking applications for the positions of Member-at-Large of the Board of Governors.

Candidates for these key volunteer roles at Scouts Canada should be committed to the values and principles of Scouting. Each should believe firmly that the Scouting movement is of benefit to Canadian society and be respected for their honesty, integrity, and personal ethics.


We are looking for a new member (called member-at-large) of the Board of Governors. Members-at-large contribute to the overall effectiveness of the Board through participating actively in all aspects of Board business.

As defined in the Bylaw, the Board of Governors is responsible for ensuring that the organization adheres to its Mission and Principles and has a strong strategic direction to guide its activities. The Board ensures that appropriate policies and procedures are in place to ensure appropriate fiscal and risk management.

For the at-large position, the Board of Governors would especially welcome nominations from youth members and from individuals with experience or expertise in one of the following areas: development/fundraising, property and asset management, and executive leadership.

Further details on this position can be found in the Member-at-Large Job Description.

Member-at-Large Job Description

Board members are expected to attend a minimum of four-weekend meetings per year. The roles and responsibilities of the Board of Governors are defined in Article V of Bylaw 2.

For the above position, you may submit your name for consideration or recommend others. Each submission must be accompanied by a CV and a written confirmation from the individual acknowledging that they are willing to serve and that they have an understanding of the position. All submissions must be sent to Steve Kent, Chair of the National Nominating Committee ( by Midnight EST, January 28, 2019.