Member-at-large, Board of Governors, Scouts Canada

Scouts Canada, the country’s leading youth organization, is committed to youth having a voice in our movement, as we positively affect the lives of youth nationwide. We’re looking for a new Member-at-large for the Board of Governors. There are no geographic restrictions on this opportunity. Someone with a sense of adventure, a connection to Scouting, and a willingness to engage youth and adults across the country in a conversation about why Scouting matters and how they can join in the fun. Here’s the job description for this exciting role.

Role Summary

The property and business of the Corporation shall be managed by an executive committee called the Board of Governors. The Board shall administer the affairs of the Corporation. Nine of the sixteen positions on the Board of Governors are Members-at-large.

Responsible to: The membership of Scouts Canada


Primary Contacts

  • Other members of the Board of Governors
  • National Commissioner
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Council Commissioners
  • Council Youth Commissioners

Field Contacts (during visits, events)

  • Scouting Ambassadors
  • National Leadership Team
  • Media
  • Partners and Sponsors
  • Members


The responsibilities of the Board of Governors are defined in the Bylaw of Scouts Canada, and in Corporations Act of Canada. Members-at-large contribute to the overall responsibilities of the Board of Governors, which includes:

  • ensuring that the Corporation adheres to its mission and principles in force from time to time;
  • ensuring strategic planning is done and guiding its development;
  • ensuring that appropriate structures are in place to ensure that the Policies are carried out;
  • developing and maintaining fiscal responsibility at all levels in the Corporation including, without limitation, approval of the annual budget of the Corporation
  • ensuring a risk management program is in place and monitoring its results;
  • hiring, directing and evaluating the performance of the CEO;
  • ensuring that an effective and responsible management team is in place and overseeing its activities;
  • periodically reviewing the implementation of Policies throughout the Corporation, to assess and correct the effectiveness of its execution;
  • ensuring that the work performed by the Board is transparent and that it is well communicated to its Members, to the parents of its Members (where applicable) and others as deemed appropriate;
  • ensuring that appropriate succession planning is in place at the Board and senior management levels;
  • preparing an annual report for presentation to the annual general meeting of Members;
  • ensuring that audited financial statements are prepared and approved for presentation to the annual general meeting of Members;
  • recommending the appointment of an auditor to the annual general meeting of Members; and
  • ensuring that all necessary books and records of the Corporation, required by the By-Laws of the Corporation or by applicable law, are regularly and properly kept.


  • One year with a maximum term of up to six (6) years.


  • Scouts Canada’s Programs and Resources
  • Scouts Canada’s Mission
  • Familiarity with National Youth Network structure and initiatives
  • Scouts Canada’s organizational and governance structure


  • Communications
  • Planning
  • IT Literacy


  • Explicit commitment to the values and principles of Scouting including a willingness to make the Scout promise
  • Belief in the value of the Scouting movement to benefit Canadian society
  • Respected for their integrity, honesty and ethical behaviour


  • Previous successful experience of working with volunteers


  • Available and willing to attend events (approximately 4 weekends per year)

You may submit your name for consideration or recommend others. Each submission must be accompanied by a CV and a written confirmation from the individual acknowledging that they are willing to serve and that they have an understanding of the position.

All submissions must be sent to Steve Kent, Chair of the National Nominating Committee ( by Midnight EST, January 28, 2019.