The National Youth Network represents the best and brightest Scouts Canada youth leaders from across the country.

Consisting of each Council Youth Commissioner, three Assistant National Youth Commissioners and chaired by the National Youth Commissioner.

Together the National Youth Network:

  • Ensures meaningful youth involvement in all Scouts Canada decisions;
  • Provides direction in all areas of youth programming;
  • Facilitates coordination with council youth networks;
  • Encourages youth to take on leadership roles at all levels of the organization.

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  • Develop and promote FLEX, FAST and FOCUS – Scouts Canada’s Youth Leadership training programs for Cub Scouts, Scouts and Venturer Scouts;
  • Maintain and adjudicate the Medal of the Maple for Distinguished Youth Service

The National Youth Network is only a small part of the larger Scouts Canada Youth Network that is made up of the National Youth Network, the Council Youth Networks, the Area Youth Networks and other youth representatives across Canada.

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