Scouts Canada Brand Centre
Brand Guide

The Scouts Canada brand is so much more than a name, logo and design. It is every bit of communication that we generate within Scouts Canada. It is every visual cue and written message we use, and the tone in which we convey them. In essence, the brand is what comes to mind when people hear the words "Scouts Canada."

A positive experience with our brand reinforces our image as an organization committed to providing youth with new adventures and challenges – all of which help them develop into capable and confident individuals, better prepared for success in the world.

Each and every piece of communication creates an unforgettable impression of our brand, and we need to manage those impressions carefully.

The application guidelines that you will find in this section will help ensure a unified, consistent expression of the Scouts Canada brand, because when we express who we are in a consistent way, we ensure a strong, unique, and memorable brand experience. The Scouts Canada experience.