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Scouts Canada Logo

Our corporate logo is the hallmark of Canadian Scouting. It is our official seal, our signature, and its use indicates ownership, domain and accordance with our Mission, Principles and Practices.

It is essential that our logo be used correctly in all circumstances. The corporate logo should always be taken from the official files provided, using the official versions of the logo only. The elements within the logo and their relative position to one another cannot be rearranged.

Logo Guidelines

Scouts Canada Logo

The logo and the logo with tagline are available in different formats to suit varying uses.

  1. The preferred usage is the Scouts Canada Logo as a photographic treatment on a white background.
  2. The preferred usage is to print four-colour process (cmyk).
  3. Use black ink only when two- or four-colour process is not available.
  4. This logo is to be used for all print advertising, stationary, and web applications.

Preferred Reproduction: Four-colour process.

If the four-colour process is not available, there are several acceptable variations.

Two-colour: Use the logo with Pantone 185U or Pantone 032C and Black when four-colour process is not available.

One-colour/Greyscale: Use the logo in Black when the use of colour is not available. In this variation of the logo, the leaf should always be 55% of black.

High Contrast Black & White: Use the logo with solid Black when colour or greyscale is not available. This variation of the logo should only be used for small applications—for example, engraving on glass or metal, making trinkets, etc.

A few things to avoid

A few things to avoid with Scouts Canada Logo

Protection Space and Minimum Size

Protection Space: In order for the logo to be easily seen and recognized as a clear piece of branding, it must not be crowded by other images or type. The general rule is to leave a space around the wordmark no less than the height of the "fleur-de-lis" within the maple leaf.

Scouts Canada Logo Protection Space

Minimum Size (0.75 inches): The logo must always be legible. In order for the logo to provide maximum impact, it should not appear smaller than the minimum size illustrated below (0.75 inches).

Scouts Canada Logo Minimum Size

Logo Colours

Note: The colours below are for reference only. Use official Pantone® swatches for colour matching.

Logo Colours

CMYK & RGB Breakdowns:

PMS 032c

CMYK - C:0% M:100% Y:70% K:0%
RGB - R:237 G:41 B:57

PMS 185u

CMYK - C:0% M:100% Y:100% K:0%
RGB - R:237 G:41 B:57


CMYK - C:0% M:0% Y:0% K:100%
RGB - R:0 G:0 B:0


CMYK - C:0% M:0% Y:0% K:55%
RGB - R:138 G:140 B:142