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Cascadia Council Candidate Statements

Cassidy Benson

So you’re probably wondering who Cassidy is and why you should vote for her. Well, I’ll answer both those questions!
As election time comes around, I once again ask for your support as I run to be the youth voting member for Cascadia. My name is Cassidy Benson and I am a Rover in Central Okanagan Area. I am just finishing my eighth year in Scouting. Throughout my time in Scouting I have experienced so many different aspects of the program. I have been a participant in the program as a Venturer Scout and as a Rover Scout. I have also seen the program from a volunteer’s perspective, having worked as a Cub Scouter, a Group Registrar, an Area Youth Commissioner, a Deputy Council Youth Commissioner, and most recently the Council Youth Commissioner. As a Council Youth Commissioner, I have worked with both the youth and the adults in my area, as well as people in other areas across Cascadia Council. That has allowed me to see how other areas run which has made me more aware of Scouting outside my own group.
A lot of my work within Scouting focuses on support: supporting the youth and supporting our volunteers. I work hard to ensure that everyone has the tools, the knowledge, and the assistance they need to either take part in or deliver the program. I talk with Scouters and ensure that they feel comfortable and confident with their role in Scouting. As well, it is important to me that youth are able to have a say in their program and are consulted for that purpose. I strive to make sure that all the youth, participants or volunteers are set up for success in what they do. I believe that Scouting offers so many amazing opportunities for learning and experiences that one cannot find anywhere else. I want to make sure that people are happy with their role within Scouting.
Scouting has made such an incredible impact on my life. I’ve discovered so many things about myself I never knew. As a result of my participation within Scouts Canada, I have learned that I am capable of so much more than I ever thought I was. I’ve learned so many new skills and I have grown so much because of my time in Scouting. As a result, I want to be able to give back a small amount of what I’ve gained. I would like the chance to be a voice for Cascadia as a voting member for the 2017-2018 Scouting year. Because I have worked with people and areas across Cascadia, I have a greater understanding of Cascadia Council and I would be able to accurately represent us, what we want and need. I want to be a voice for the youth and adults in Cascadia and represent all of us. Scouting has taught me the skills to be able to effectively complete the duties of a voting member, should I be elected. 
Thanks to your support in the 2016-2017 Scouting year, I was able to represent Cascadia and I would truly appreciate the opportunity to proudly represent Cascadia Council once more as a voting member for the 2017-2018 Scouting year. If you have any questions, please send me an email at, and when you vote, please consider voting for me.
Yours in Scouting,
Cassidy Benson

Shelly Donaldson

I am an active Scouter with the Greater Victoria Area Team (GVA). I am submitting an application to represent Cascadia Council as a Voting Member with Scouts Canada. As a responsible Scouter who advocates for youth I feel I can represent our members well at the national level.
I have been a registered member of Scouts Canada since 2008 and have had the privilege of participating in a variety of roles supporting Scouters in their commitment as volunteers for safe and fun youth programming. Following my children’s progression through scouting I continue to volunteer to support their programming from a business perspective by assuring the sections and groups provided skilled adult volunteers, suitable equipment and opportunities to develop their personal best within the communities they live.
My current role is Deputy Area Commissioner Volunteer Services in GVA. My main goal is to ensure members are appropriately registered with Scouts Canada which includes screening and training requirements are administered. Other roles I partake in are; Area Administrator, Service Scouter and Trainer of Group Commissioner/Committee. Previously I have been a Group Commissioner, Registrar, Secretary, Fundraising Coordinator and Section Scouter. In 2015 I was recruited as the PJ15 OOS Food Service Manager and will once again perform those same responsibilities at the 2019 Pacific Jamboree.
With every role I have been actively involved in my most rewarding accomplishments are the moments when a person achieves their personal best. A shy child who finds confidence in speaking to a group of people as they share a special skill or talent; youth working together as a team supporting and cheering each other; or the beaming smile of a youth offering his parent a meal they carefully prepared for them at Family Camp. The volunteer scouters who mentor young people, helping them become confident, encouraging them to express their voices and working together as a team, are unique. These are cherished memories of self-empowerment witnessed by people who care.
I am proficient in my tasks, ethical in my actions, communicate well with my peers, and oblige to completing all assignments while balancing my family life and career commitments. Communication and time management are key components to a successful volunteer team. 
Please consider me as your Councils Voting Member representative.
Yours in Scouting,
Shelly Donaldson
DAC Volunteer Services 

Gwyneth Faulkner

I have been a member of Scouts Canada for the last 13 years, and it has been a huge part of my life. I joined Beavers when I was six at 1st Cedar Hill, and the skills that I have learned while progressing through the Scouting movement to Rovers have been instrumental to getting me to where I am now in my life. I have gained many leadership skills and great confidence through Scouting.
I have been a Rover with 1st Cedar Hill and 33rd Greater Victoria Medical Services Group for the past three years. After receiving my Chief Scout’s Award and moving up to Venturers, I had the privilege of being able to represent the Greater Victoria Area as one of two Masters of Ceremonies at the Canadian Jamboree in 2013 where I volunteered as an offer of service in program. Through the Scouts Canada medical program I have volunteered as part of emergency services on the medical team at the latest Pacific Jamboree, and I will be working again on the medical team at CJ17. As a part of Medvents, the mentorship and instruction that I have received have encouraged me to pursue a career in health care. I became licensed as an Emergency Medical Responder in 2016, and I am now completing my first year of nursing school at Camosun College.
Since I have been a part of Scouting for many years, I am excited to be a part of the transition to the Canadian Path. A few years ago at the Vancouver Island Leadership Conference, I was very excited to hear about the Canadian Path. The things that they were talking about were things that we were doing in my Venturer company and Scout troop, and I want to bring the amazing program that I have been a part of to other youth. We live this in our group as our medical training is run by our Rovers with support from our Scouters, and all of our events are run by youth with the support of our Scouters. We are really embracing the Canadian Path. Several of our group committee positions are held by youth, and we review all of our meetings and activities, as well as organizing fun activity meetings that have nothing to do with our medical practice. 
Since Scouting has given so much to me, I am really happy to be able to give back. I now serve on the area team in GVA as Deputy Area Commissioner for Venturers, and I have been a Beaver Scouter. Meeting many of the youth in our area and helping them to learn about and transition to the Canadian Path as part of my role on our area’s youth training team for the past four years is one of the most fun jobs that I have. 

Grant Loyer

Scouter Grant Loyer — Council Commissioner, Cascadia Council, Scouts Canada
My name is Grant Loyer and I am the current Council Commissioner for Cascadia Council, Scouts Canada. I am requesting your support in seeking the nomination to be one of the Cascadia Council voting members to attend the 2017 Scouts Canada National AGM in Toronto on November 18, 2017.

Scouting Background

  • Cub Leader, 1st Port Hardy Scout Group
  • DAC Training, Orca Coast Area
  • Ara Commissioner, Kamloops Area
  • DCC Program, Cascadia Council
  • Ambassador for the Canadian Path, Cascadia Council
  • DCC Geographic – Vancouver Islands, Cascadia Council
  • Council Commissioner, Cascadia Council

Scouting Qualifications

  • Woodbadge I Pack, Woodbadge I Troop, Woodbadge I Company
  • Woodbadge II Pack, Woodbadge II Service Team
  • Trainer I, Trainer II, Trainer III


I have been employed in local government for most of my career and have worked as a building inspector, bylaw enforcement officer, Public Works Foreman, Utilities Technologist, Director of Operational Services and Chief Administrative Officer.
My time also includes service in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve where I was a member of the Canadian Scottish Regiment and the British Columbia Dragoons. I enrolled as a private and released with the rank of Major, ending my military service as the Deputy Commanding Officer of an armoured unit.


  • Master of Arts in Leadership — Royal Roads University
  • Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching — Royal Roads University
  • Bachelor of General Studies — Thompson Rivers University
  • Diploma in General Studies — Thompson Rivers University
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management — BC Institute of Technology
  • Certificate in Local Government Administration — Capilano University
I believe that I have the experience in Scouting to serve the interests of Cascadia Council and Scouts Canada as well as your interests as a fellow Scouter. I ask for your support to become a Cascadia Council Voting Member at the National AGM.

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