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Deputy National Commissioner (DNC) - Camps and Properties

Accountable to:

National Commissioner


Appointed annually by the National Commissioner

Time Required:

4-5 hours per week; up to 4 weekends per year
Working in tandem with the Executive Director (ED) – Business Services (Peter Valters), this role collaborates closely with the National Property Committee (NPC) to continue its current mandate and liaise with the National Development and Fundraising Team for revenue-generating opportunities. The DNC and ED are responsible for leading the National Camps and Properties Team (roles described below).
The National Property Committee (a separate group from the National Camps and Properties Team) supports the use of properties to achieve the objectives of Scouting. The Committee does this by supporting the Incorporated Bodies, Property Societies, Committees, Councils and the Board of Governors as we all work together towards sending more kids on amazing adventures in extraordinary camp settings and offering sustainable, world class, competitive programming.
We are looking for a volunteer to replace the incumbent DNC Camps and Properties whose term will finish on August 31, 2017. We are planning to conduct interviews in late April and appoint the successful candidate in May to allow for adequate time for succession planning.
The figure below shows the relationships between the National Camps and Properties Team and that National Property Committee.
National Camps Team
If you believe you have the skills, qualifications and knowledge necessary to do the job, please forward your resume (including work experience and any Scouting experience) with a covering letter to: by May 01, 2017.
Interviews will take place in May 2017.
This position is being advertised internally within Scouting and externally. 

National Camps and Properties Team Roles


The Board of Governors (BOG) created the National Property Committee (NPC) to ensure the delivery of Scouts Canada’s Camps and Properties Strategy.
We are looking for 4-6 volunteers to join the National Camps and Properties Team. The team will be responsible for assisting the Deputy National Commissioner – Camps and Properties, and the Executive Director – Business Services in working with Operations Managers to deliver against the four areas of our Camps and Properties Strategy: Transaction Management, Standards Compliance, Learning and Support, and Revenue Generation.


Transaction Management – receiving all transactions requests, ensuring that they have been vetted (complete and supportable), determining if the National Key Three (NK3) supports the requests, submitting the requests to the NPC, getting the BoG to approve the requests, and filing and communicating the results.
  • Coordinate with respective Operations Managers, and local Camps and Properties Committees in crafting a recommendation for a given property
  • Apply business, financial and commercial real estate expertise when evaluating the recommendation for each property
  • Assist local council volunteers in communicating the proposed recommendation to various stakeholders
  • Desired professional experience – managing projects, preparing business cases, evaluating real estate and managing multiple stakeholders
Standards Compliance – responsible for ensuring that all properties are compliant with our standards, preparing a Continuing Business Plan and getting an approval of the Business Plan. The role will also be responsible for updating and revising the standards.
  • Collaborate with the DNC – Camps and Properties, Operations Managers and Council Key 3 in supporting each council
  • Ensure that a Standards Compliance Team (the team that will assess each property against the standards), and Camps and Properties Committees (teams who will prepare the Business Plan and maintain the properties on an ongoing basis) are in place for each council
  • Collaborate with local council’s Camps and Properties Committees in crafting a recommendation for a given property
  • Desired professional experience – managing projects, building teams, creating processes, defining standards, performing inspections, ensuring compliance and communicating with stakeholders
Learning and Support – responsible for the education, training and support of local stakeholders including the required tools and delivery mechanisms.
  • Develop a learning and development strategy for Standards and Compliance Team, and Camps and Properties Committees
  • Develop the training materials and deliver the necessary training to achieve the learning objectives of various stakeholders
  • Desired professional experience – developing and delivering learning materials to geographically dispersed stakeholders to empower them to prepare business cases, conduct inspections and ensure completion of periodic property maintenance
Revenue Generation – responsible for creatively coming up with options and recommendation on how we can generate additional revenue for our camps and properties
  • Liaise with the National Development Team to coordinate efforts in raising funds and generating additional revenue for and from our camps and properties
  • Identify potential legal, tax and stakeholder implications of each option or recommendation
  • Desired professional experience – expertise in real estate coupled with a strong business and financial background

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