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International Delegates

Here’s your opportunity to step into the world of diplomacy by representing Scouts Canada on an international level through ScoutsAbroad. Submit your application to the International Programs Team today!
In order to increase Scouts Canada’s ability to participate in international conferences and forums, the International Commissioner maintains two pools of qualified Scouts Canada youth and Scouts Canada adults, to be drawn from when required.  
When an opportunity comes up, you may be contacted by the International Commissioner, requesting your permission to submit your name for a conference. In some cases, the conference will be fully funded. In other cases, there may be a fee for registration or travel. Once your permission has been obtained, Scouts Canada will put your name forward.
Your name will never be submitted to a conference or forum or other event without your written permission. Being accepted into the pool of applicants does not guarantee that you will represent Scouts Canada. There are only a handful of opportunities each year.
If you do agree to represent Scouts Canada, you are expected to attend the full length of the event, contributing in a meaningful way on behalf of Scouts Canada. Before you leave, you will be required to complete an online training module about representing Scouts Canada abroad. Upon your return, you will also be required to submit a report to the International Programs Team and the National Key 3.
Conferences and similar events tend to last from 3-5 days and may require a day or two of travel before and after.  
For the Scouts Canada Youth pool, all youth aged 14-26 are encouraged to submit an application. Your application will be held for consideration until 31 August of each year. You may reapply as many times as you like.
Please submit the following information to
  • Curriculum Vitae (outlining academic, Scouting, personal and professional experience)
  • Letter of motivation (including your areas of interest, like training or the environment, and why you would like to represent Scouts Canada)
  • Photocopy of the information page of your passport (this is not required to apply, but will speed up the registration process for conferences. Not submitting one with your application may make it harder to submit your name as a delegate on time)
  • Photo of you in your Scout uniform (also sometimes required for registration with conferences and events. Also not required for application to this pool, but may be necessary later on)
  • Scouts Canada membership number as found on
Applications are accepted throughout the year, so please apply today!

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