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International Events FAQs

Encounter the World: International Events

What is an international event? 

There are so many different kinds of international events, it’s amazing. They include world level events set by the World Organization of the Scout Movement, like World Scout Jamborees or World Scout Moots. They could be regional events like the Interamerican Scout Moot, or national events that invite international groups, like the Blair Atholl Jamborette in Scotland or the Australian Rover Moot. The world is constantly coming together for international events! 

How do I sign up? 

Depending on the event, you will be able to either sign up as a group, or as an individual. When you register for an event as a group, it makes it much easier to plan and fundraise. When you register as an individual participant, there would have to already be a Scouts Canada Contingent attending the event that you could join.

How do I know if there’s a Scouts Canada Contingent? 

There are a couple of ways. On the ScoutsAbroad International Events webpage, we’ve listed events that already have a Scouts Canada Contingent set up. You could also email to find out more information about an event that you’re interested in. When there is already a contingent, there is already a Contingent Leader, who will be able to provide more information to you, and help you register for the event.

Are there opportunities outside of participation? 

Yes! Scouts Canada has a long history of providing volunteers and support to international events in the form of International Service Team (IST) members. To run smoothly, international events require an army of volunteers, with all sorts of different backgrounds and specialties.  

What does this cost? 

The participation or IST registration costs vary depending on the event and the country that is hosting it. As an example, the previous two World Scout Jamborees cost $4,560 and $4,400 in the U.K and Sweden respectively. This included airfare and pre-jamboree gatherings. 

Is there funding available from Scouts Canada to assist with participating in international events? 

Not at this time, but there are countless opportunities to fundraise to help offset costs.

I know of an opportunity that’s not on the webpage. What do I do? 

The first step is contacting the International Committee at We can verify that any event you’re interested in is authorized by the World Organization of the Scout Movement. This way too, we can help you register your group or yourself for the event!
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