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International Volunteer Opportunities FAQs

Lead the World: International Volunteer Opportunities

What are volunteer opportunities? 

Volunteer opportunities are all different. They depend on the situation and the event or location. You could be anything from helping to run the aerial runways on The Quick at Gilwell Park, to serving as a Youth Advisor to the World Scout Committee.  

How do I sign up? 

In almost all cases, you’ll need to apply. In some cases, applications are received on a continuous basis for ongoing programs. In other cases, applications are received for a very specific event or time frame. Whenever an opportunity exists though, there will be instructions on how you can apply.

What does it cost? 

Costs associated with volunteering abroad will vary considerably. There will be some opportunities where all costs are covered through sponsorship and there will be opportunities where you may need to pay for your transportation or other costs. There are always ways to help alleviate costs by fundraising.  

I know of an opportunity that’s not on this site. Can I just go? 

It’s always a good idea to discuss international opportunities with the International Committee. The reason is actually one of security. We can verify that any opportunity you’re interested in is authorized by the World Organization of the Scout Movement. We might also be able to give you more information for your application! We want to you to lead the world, but first and foremost, we want you to do so safely.

I really want to go to a specific location, but I don’t see any opportunities. What can I do? 

First step, contact the International Committee at We can get in touch with another country’s Scout association to find out what might be available for you.  

What are the benefits to volunteering internationally? 

As with so many other things, it’s all about what you bring to an experience. You can get so much out of these opportunities, but generally, you can expect to learn about global issues, make contacts in different parts of the world, gain self-confidence, get some really cool pictures and stories, gain experience that you can put on a resume, and make your mark on the world.

What are the biggest challenges? 

The biggest challenges can sometimes be finances, depending on the opportunity. This can easily be overcome by fundraising. The second biggest challenge is a fear of the unknown. What will the food be like? Who’s going to take care of my dog? Is it safe? Do I need a visa?  
The good thing is, with all of this, the International Committee is dedicated to supporting you and helping you through every step of the way. We are passionate about international Scouting and we are at your service.
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