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National Committee and Advisory Group Chairs


Steve Kent

Committee on Co-operation

Jean François LaBrosse

In Person Support

Linda Rainbow

Nominating Committee

Steve Kent

Camps and Property Committee

David Connelly
Visit the National Property Committee pages for further information.

International Commissioner

Glenn Armstrong

National Youth Network

Caitlyn Piton

National Recognition Advisor

Linda King

National Training Advisor — The Canadian Path


National Training Advisor — Continuous Learning

George Mawko

National Program Advisor — Outdoors

Lewis Williams

National Program Advisor — National Events

Chris Pike

National Service Scouter

Ken Pepin

National STEM Coordinator

Barry Mitchell

National Scoutrees Coordinator

Steve Lindsay

Scouting Life Editorial Advisory Board 

Caitlyn Piton, National Youth Commissioner
Andrew Price, Executive Commissioner & CEO
Steve Kent, Past Chair of the Board of Governors
Daniel Fay, Deputy National Commissioner
Dean Post, Deputy National Commissioner - Program
Clement Belanger, Group Commissioner & Akela, 1st Hull
Susan Lukey, Canadian Path Team
John Petitti, Executive Director, Marketing & Communications

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