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Madagascar 2012

When three volunteers from Scouts Canada visited the village of Ambato Boeni in 2008, they had the opportunity to sit down and learn about the priorities of the community. Looking around, they saw poverty, malnutrition and a contaminated Betsiboka River, but what they would soon see is a community filled with hope for the future. The priorities were simple: wells for fresh water, a school facility for education and a source of electricity to provide light through 12 hours of darkness each day... Life, Learning, Light. Scouts Canada made a promise that day – a promise that others had broken in the past – that we would work with the people of Ambato Boeni to achieve these goals. 
Then, in January 2009, just months before the project was to take place, a coup d’état in the Madagascar capital of Antananarivo forced the project to be postponed. The country was thrown into unrest for over two years, but now, with peace restored to the country, Scouts Canada can return to Ambato Boeni. On our honour, we promised that we would do our best. This is everyone’s project and now is the time to follow through on the promise we made nearly four years ago. 
In August, 18 youth and 7 adults from across Canada will travel to the village of Ambato Boeni to work with the community to build a school facility. This project will not only bring education to a population where only 45% of youth will ever go to school, but it will also make it possible for students from outside of the village to have a place to stay during the week, spreading education throughout the region.

Get Involved!

There are so many ways to get involved in Madagascar 2012, and everyone has a role to play.  From the youngest Beaver Scout to the longest serving Leader to a generous supporter of Scouts Canada, this is everyone’s project. 
You can get involved by running or participating in educational program on the social issues being addressed by the project, working to raise money to support the program in Madagascar, or taking part in one of our fundraising programs. 
So there’s only one question that remains: how will you change the world in 2012?


Here’s the biggest, best way to get involved in the most basic of manners, literally at the very foundation of the project.  By participating in the National Buy-A-Brick Campaign, you can help raise funds and awareness to make the school facility in Ambato Boeni a reality. Why not take on this challenge by downloading the packages below to learn more about the different ways that you can have a direct impact on the lives of generations in Madagascar. You can do this individually or as a group!

Be a Sponsor of Change 

There’s also a great way to make a difference by donating directly to the project. The smallest dent in your wallet here, translates to a huge difference in Ambato Boeni, Madagascar.  
Donations over $20 will automatically be issued a charitable tax receipt and now you can donate securely from the comfort of your own keyboard (or phone, or tablet). Visit the sponsorship page to make an online donation. This is one of the fastest ways to start making a positive change in the world!

Change the World with T-shirts and Crests

Here’s your chance to show off the impact that you and every single member of Scouts Canada will have on the world. Until April 25, Madagascar t-shirts and crests will be available for order in Scout Shops across the country and online. All proceeds go directly to building a future in Ambato Boeni, and future leaders right here in Canada.  

Spread the word!

There are so many ways you can learn more about the project and spread the word. It’s all about spreading the message. Here are some ways you can extend the reach of this project, even with a busy schedule:
  • Like us on Facebook, join the Facebook group, or even update your status to direct people to more information about the project.
  • Follow and share the project blog with others
  • Share the Youtube video about the project
  • Send out an email to your friends, family or Scouting contacts telling them about the project and how they can donate securely and directly to it online
Click on one of the links below to go directly to the webpage and start spreading the word. It only takes a few minutes, but it will affect generations in Ambato Boeni.

Contact Us!

For more information on how you can get involved in this project, contact the Youth Contingent Leader, Creighton Avery at

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