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New Brunswick Council Candidate Statements

Xavier Dalcourt

Xavier Dalcourt has been enrolled in Scouts Canada programs for 10 years as a youth member. He was the youngest participant invited to the Youth SpokesPerson training program in 2015 and is a terrific ambassador for the Canadian Path. He is currently the Council Youth Commissioner in the Southeast Area of NB Council.

Sherryl Eatmon

Sherryl Eatmon has been involved in Scouts Canada programs for 18 years in a variety of roles. She is currently the Council Commissioner for NB Council and is a strong supporter of the development of youth leadership.

Heath Johnson

Heath JohnsonScouter Heath Johnson, Troop Scouter
1st Jones Lake Scout Troop, Moncton
I have been involved in the Scouting Movement since I was 6 years old, and it has been a defining experience in my life. I was a shy, nerdy kid – and now I’m an outgoing, nerdy adult!
I went through all levels of the Scouting program, and earned both the Chief Scout’s and Queen’s Venturer Awards along the way. When I moved away for university, I continued my involvement in Scouting. I have been a Scout leader in Moncton, Halifax, Oxford (England), Dorval (Québec) and Levin (New Zealand). It has been an eye-opening experience to see Scouting in other provinces and in other countries. 
I have been back in Moncton since 2014 and continue to be involved as both the Troop Scouter of the 1st Jones Lake Scout Troop and as the DAC Treasurer for Southeast Area. I also created and run the annual Great Urban/Rural Race event each spring in southern New Brunswick, which attracts up to 200 participants each year.
I’ve been thinking a lot about Scouting this year, and about the large changes that we have seen in the last few years. Scouts Canada has embarked on large changes in programming. Many new policies have been introduced in the area of child and youth protection. Our former NB Council Executive Director retired, and has not been replaced (our Council is now run out of the Maritime Service Centre in Dartmouth). A set of uniform national registration fees have been introduced which increase the costs to our youth while the service levels received in this Council are arguably diminished. Decisions made by the national office impact us here locally, and we need a strong voice at the table.
I want to represent NB Council in decisions taken at the national level. We have a proud history of Scouting in this province, and I want to ensure that New Brunswick is front of mind when decisions are being made. I think we need more input in the development of the Canadian Path, and more support for volunteer recruitment and development. I think we should take a close look at how funds are spent, and find ways to minimize the costs to our families. Our ideas need to be heard.
I would appreciate your support to become one of NB Council’s 3 Voting Members.

Scouting History:

30 years in Scouting, 20 years as a leader


Chief Scout’s Award, Queen’s Venturer Award, Silver and Gold Standards of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Woodbadge I & II (Troop), Commemorative Centennial Medal, Medal of Merit

Contact Information:

Mobile: (506) 899-4449

Maggie MacPhee

Maggie MacPhee has been enrolled as a youth member in Scouts Canada for 5 years and before that she was involved with Girl Guides for 10 years. She was one of the founding organizers for RoVenture, and has helped plan and run it for 5 years. She is currently Council Youth Commissioner for the New Brunswick Council. Previously she has also been Deputy Council Youth Commissioner of New Brunswick Council.

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