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No One Left Behind Guidelines

Program Guidelines

No One Left Behind was established in 2007 to ensure that no child is denied a Scouting experience due to financial hardship. A basic financial needs test will be applied, with need determined based on information disclosed by Scouting families under an honour system.
Upon calling the No One Left Behind support number (1-844-300-6652) or emailing
  • You will be asked to advise on your household income and family size.  This information will be factored into a financial needs test;
  • The needs test will apply Statistics Canada’s Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) metric that is updated annually.
  • LICO is used by many service providers and levels of government to determine recreational subsidies. LICO calculates financial need based upon a family’s size (number of family members) and household income.
  • An exception process will be established and managed by No One Left Behind Service Centres to ensure that youth are not denied a Scouting experience should unique circumstances exist.


All applications are confidential and only the No One Left Behind Service Centre is aware of the name and personal situation of all applicants. Funding provided is relative to this application only and does not a guarantee future funding. Please re-apply annually.

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