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Pen Pal Program FAQs

Discover the World: Pen Pal Program

What is the Pen Pal Program? 

The ScoutsAbroad Pen Pal Program is a way for every youth, starting with the youngest Beaver Scout, can make friends with Scouts around the world. There are over 30 million Scouts in 161 countries worldwide. Through the Pen Pal Program, you can learn about different customs, learn about how scouting is different (and how it’s the same) and make new friends in every corner of the world!

How do I get a pen pal? 

First, you must register by emailing and telling us what group you belong to, your area, council and if there’s a country you’d like to partner with. You just have to be an active, registered member of Scouts Canada.

I know of another Scout Group in another country. Why can’t I just email them? 

If you’ve made friends with another group in another country, you can absolutely write to them! This is part of what scouting is all about! The Pen Pal Program is there to help groups get connected with other groups in other parts of the world.

I really want to get a pen pal in a specific country. How can I do that? 

When you register for the Pen Pal Program, you can indicate not only what country you would like to correspond with, but also what age section, like another group of Beaver Scouts.

What if I don’t like the pen pal we get? 

You can contact and we can help you find a new one. Remember though, it could take a few emails back and forth before you really can really know the other group.

Why should we go through the Pen Pal Program? Can’t we just find a contact ourselves? 

Using the Pen Pal Program is a safe and secure way to make a connection. We can ensure that any group you’re paired up with is in good standing with a member organization with the World Organization of the Scout Movement. This way we can maintain our commitment to protecting our youth.

Can I sign up as an individual? 

No, you will need to sign up with your section or group. This is for the safety of our youth. Having a pen pal with your group though is a great way for everyone to get involved and take their first step into the world of scouting!
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