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Safety Tips

Scouts Canada Safety Tips


Axe and Saw Safety  Safety Tip: March 2017 (PDF)
Prevent Bullying!  Safety Tip: February 2017 (PDF)
Winter Sport Safety Safety Tip: January 2017 (PDF)


The Right Place, the Right Time and the Right Footwear  Safety Tip: December 2016 (PDF)
The Right Medication, the Right Dose  Medication Safety: November 2016 (PDF)
Be a Cyber-Safe Scout  Safety Tip: October 2016 (PDF)
Put Safety First When Selling Scout Popcorn  Safety Tip: September 2016 (PDF)
Poison Ivy and Other Hazardous Plants  Safety Tip: August 2016 (PDF)
  8.5x11 Version to print & cut out  (PDF)
Lantern and Stove Safety  Safety Tip: July 2016 (PDF)
Lyme disease TICKS me off!  Safety Tip: June 2016 (PDF)
Helmet Safety  Safety Tip: May 2016 (PDF)
Allergy Safety  Safety Tip: April 2016 (PDF)
Being Prepared for Safe Culinary Adventures Safety Tip: March 2016 (PDF)
Knife Safety Safety Tip: February 2016 (PDF)
Winter Driving  Safety Tip: January 2016 (PDF)
Concussion Guidelines for Scouting (PDF)

Bullying Fact Sheets

Bullying - What is it? (PDF)
Tips for Targets of Bullying (PDF)
Tips about Cyberbullying (PDF)
Tips for Parents about Bullying (PDF)

Preventing Injuries in the Winter

Preventing injuries for Tobogganing (PDF)
Preventing injuries for Ice Skating (PDF)
Preventing injuries for Skiing and Snowboarding (PDF)
Winter Safety


Safety Gear Gift Guide  Safety Tip: December 2015 (PDF)
Cool Ice Safety Tips  Safety Tip: November 2015 (PDF)
Tips for eliminating Driver Distrations  Safety Infographic: October 2015 (PDF)
Thirsty for Water Treatment Safety Tips?  Safety Tip: September 2015 (PDF)
Watch Out for Poison Ivy  Safety Tip: August 2015 (PDF)
Heat Illnesses  Safety Tip: Summer 2015 (PDF)
Travelling? Leave an Itinerary Safety Tip: July 2015 (PDF)
Ride with Cycling Safety Safety Tip: June 2015 (PDF)
Lyme disease and Ticks Safety Tip: May 2015 (PDF)
Footwear and not Sockwear Safety Tip: April 2015 (PDF)
Wake Up! Drowsy Driving is Dangerous Safety Tip: March 2015 (PDF)
Tobogganing Safety Safety Tip: February 2015 (PDF)
Use your brain — Head Safety Matters  Safety Tip: January 2015 (PDF)


Fired up about campfire safety — Safety Tip: December 2014 (PDF)
How to be smarter than the average bear — Safety Tip: November 2014 (PDF)
Avoiding things that go bump in the night — Safety Tip: October 2014 (PDF)
Simple tips for a great, safe canoeing adventure — Safety Tip: July 2014 (PDF)
Goop up for great, safe summer Scouting adventures — Safety Tip: May 2014 (PDF)
Prevent slips, trips and falls — Safety Tip: April 2014 (PDF)
Are you on top of bunk bed safety? — Safety Tip: February 2014 (PDF)
Dressing for success in winter weather — Safety Tip: January 2014 (PDF)


That sweet pile of fresh snow — Safety Tip: December 2013 (PDF)


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