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Help Scouts Plant Trees

Scoutrees crest 2014Each spring since 1972, thousands of Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts have planted trees through the Scoutrees Program.  Scoutrees gives all members the opportunity to demonstrate, through action, their concern for the environment. By planting trees, youth learn about the important role trees have in our lives, the critical need for conservation, the huge impact of climate change and how we can do our part to create a better world.


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One small tree was planted by Scouts in 1972. Look at our forest now...we’ve planted over 80 million trees across the country! Few non-government agencies can boast this kind of record.

Scoutrees factsScouting members plant trees in conservation areas, provincial parks, on crown-lands, and at Scout Camps. Through Scoutrees the youth learn the important role trees play in helping the environment. Trees are planted as windbreaks to help reduce soil erosion from wind and rain, they provide wildlife habitat for birds and other animals, and also beautify our parks and provide shade during warm summer days.

Examples of how you can reduce your carbon footprint by donating to Scoutrees:

  1. The average Canadian produces 2.5 tonnes of CO2 per year to heat their home. Donate $25 and 12 Scoutrees will be planted to offset your carbon footprint from home heating.
  2. The average Canadian drives 16,000 km per year, producing about 5 tonnes of CO2. Donate $50 and 25 Scoutrees will be planted to offset your carbon footprint from driving.
  3. The average Canadian family consumes 1 tonne of paper products per year (newsprint, magazines, toilet paper, tissues, etc.). Donate $100 and 50 Scoutrees will be planted to more than offset your carbon foot print from the use of paper, driving and home heating in one year.

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News Releases

May 28, 2014 Scouting Youth Give Canadians Five Reasons to Think Green this Spring with Scoutrees Program


Download the 2014 Scoutrees Poster (PDF)
Download the Scoutrees Group Order Form (PDF)


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