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About the Canadian Path

Join us on our next great journey — the Canadian Path

Scouts Canada is embarking on a new journey and is looking for your help in bringing great Scouting Adventures to more Canadian youth. Join us on the Canadian Path as we launch the next great chapter in Canadian Scouting. Working together as one Scouts Canada, we will not only revitalize our Scouting programs, we will revitalize Scouting in Canada.

This year Scouts Canada Groups embark on this new journey. It’s going to be something special. Join us on the Canadian Path!

The Six Program Areas

The Canadian Path is divided into six Program Areas — categories of the different opportunities that Scouting offers.

  • Environment and Outdoors
  • Leadership
  • Active and Healthy Living
  • Citizenship
  • Creative Expression
  • Beliefs and Values

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The Four Elements

The Canadian Path is defined by its Four Key Elements: Youth-led, Plan-Do-Review, Adventure and SPICES.

  • Youth-Led
  • Plan-Do-Review
  • Adventure

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The 32nd World Scout Conference adopted the principle of a World Program Policy, based on the idea that the youth program is not something to be defined once and for all, but that it should be adapted to the needs and aspirations of the young people of each generation and in each country. Over three years ago, we have been working with many youth and Scouters across the country to take a long look at our program and to see how we can make it an even better experience for all our members.


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There are a number of resources available to aid the implementation of the Four Elements of the Canadian Path.

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“At the meeting, briefly explain what you are going to do and that Scouting was started by YOUTH and is a YOUTH-LED program. ‘Tonight you are in charge, and you get to choose our next big adventure!’”

Jason, Mentor in Newfoundland and Labrador
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