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With the Canadian Path, all Scouts are involved in the planning process—brainstorming, making suggestions and providing input about the Program Areas they are interested in. Then, with guidance from the Scouters, Scouts make the choices about what activities they will pursue along their Path. Scouters engage all Scouts in the planning for age-appropriate activities and adventures.


Everyone — Scouts and Scouters — are involved in the planned activities, and all youth are engaged and challenged in ways appropriate to their abilities. The Scout Law, Promise, and Motto of each Section make up the basic code of behaviour for activities — creating a well-rounded program full of fun and adventure.


It’s important to include Review as part of the process of Scout activities, so Scouts can learn how to reflect upon their involvement and to determine how to revise or enhance future activities.

At the end of the activity, or at the next Scout meeting, youth and Scouters should take time to talk about the activity. Here are some questions to help the Review, but Scouters and Scouts can also develop their own questions.

  1. What did you see or hear or notice?
  2. Did you take any photos that you’d like to share?
  3. What did you enjoy about this activity?
  4. What was a challenge for you in this activity?
  5. What do you know now that you didn’t know before?
  6. What might we do differently if we did this activity again?

Sometimes review will happen quickly and sometimes it will need more time.

“After the food bank service, my youth will move on to the "Review" phase at the next meeting; it's not really formal, but my Scouts will usually reflect on their new view of poverty, not wasting food, and insights from the food bank staff.”

Kit, Ambassador Support in Shining Waters

Plan-Do-Review Resources

View the latest resources and learn how you can apply the Plan-Do-Review method to your Scouting Adventures. The items below will help Scouts and Scouters discover a simple process to making any Adventure a reality!

Scouters' Tips

Additional Resources

STEM Activity Cards

STEM is all around us! View the latest STEM resources and learn how you can experiment with science, technology, engineering, and math! Scouts and Scouters will not only learn the aspects of STEM through participation, but will apply the Plan, Do, Review method to fully understand how each element is applied throughout the activity.

Explore the Four Elements

  • Youth-Led
  • Plan-Do-Review
  • Adventure

The Four Elements provide youth with the opportunity to play an active role in facilitating and creating their own Youth-Led Path and program. The Plan-Do-Review element creates a more engaged and reflective process for our members, which they can apply to all their Adventures –and there will be many Adventures! SPICES will provide youth with a program that fosters well-rounded individuals, better prepared for success in the world.

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There are a number of resources available to aid the implementation of the Four Elements of the Canadian Path.

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“They realized that they should pack an entire extra outfit and raingear next time. They also decided that they would like the trip to be longer next time and they would like more time to shop so it would be best to arrive a bit earlier for our next event.”

Crystal, Mentor in Fraser Valley
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