Here is your first look at our Program of Adventures you will be able to choose from at CJ17. The list is not complete and there will be more details posted over the summer, including trail cards for each activity. Booking activities will be available in September, with priority given to Patrols who have registered early (June 30, 2016). Remember to check back here often to see what other Adventures have been added.

There will be five main program types available to CJ’17 Participants: Land-Based Activities, Water Programs, STEM Activities, Unscheduled Adventures and Off-Site Programs.

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An adventure in our land-based program area won’t necessarily keep your feet on the ground! Stop by this adventure area to experience vertical skills at the climbing wall, work on your Scoutcraft as you defend Fort Louisburg or compete in the Highland Games. There’s no shortage of challenge to keep you going here.

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Enjoy traditional paddling and paddle boards in Brown Trout Lake, or enjoy a Jamboree-themed water park. Feeling adventurous? Challenge your patrol to build your own vessel while you learn about the rich history of shipbuilding in the Maritimes.  Try your luck on a Nova Scotia River Log Drive as you explore how waterways influenced the culture on Canada’s East Coast.

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Want to aim higher or push further than any Scout has ever gone? The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) adventures are for you then! Embark on a number of challenges to engineer the strongest bridge, launch a rocket towards the moon or learn how water and wind can keep your lights on. As the first Canadian Jamboree with a STEM program, be sure to bring your innovation and ingenuity as we tackle science and engineering challenges.

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Need a break from the epic adventures to have some leisurely fun? Drop into the unscheduled program area to enjoy quick, fun games, crafts and challenges. Enjoy Washer-toss, Flintstone Golf, a Dunk Tank, Hatchet skills and huge list of other activities can be done here. Perhaps you might want to take a break from activity and let your creativity flow with arts and crafts. Challenge your patrol to complete as many events as you can at the Drop-in.

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Pack your lunch and head to the start line. The Amazing Race will have you winding through Halifax taking on challenges and solving clues in a race to the finish line. Challenge your new friends to a dragon boat race on Lake Banook or enjoy Nova Scotia’s beautiful beaches. You can go for a treasure hunt, but be on the lookout for the privateers who don’t want you stealing their bounty. On-tree, sea kayaking and trail-flow cycling will have your heart pumping as you take to the sky or sea for an epic adventure.

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Planning your CJ'17 in Patrols

As a Patrol Unit, you will have the option to plan for approximately 30 hours of Program time for the week at CJ’17. Patrol Units are able to pre-book program activities but must plan your time accordingly as some activities may take up a full-day. As a minimum, you are required to book 15 hours of program. As a Patrol you may want to leave open time for unstructured activities, which will be available to you.

During unstructured time, you can check in with Guest Services to see if there are any program activities available to you, or you can enjoy the sights and sounds of St. Andrew’s Plaza. There is also the drop-in Program area, where there is lots to do, and you do not have to book it a head of time… Just turn up and see what’s available.

Program Selection Priority and your Troop Unit

Priority is given to Troop Units on a first come, first serve basis. Troops who register and deposit their total fees on time will be given priority. To ensure the best selection of your Unit’s program activities, register with a full deposit as soon as possible and be sure to have all fees paid by Jan 1, 2017.

Be Prepared

Scouters are expected to plan with their youth and help prepare them for a week-long camping adventure. Youth should learn the necessary outdoor skills that will ensure a safe and successful jamboree.