Andrew Obee

Comité sur la coopération

Jean François LaBrosse


Steve Kent

National Camps and Properties – Standards Compliance, Learning and Support

Rob Tuer

Camps and Property Committee

Richard Thomas

Visit the National Property Committee pages for further information.

International Commissioner


Réseau national des jeunes

Caitlyn Piton

Coordonnateur national du programme des STIM

Barry Mitchell

Coordonnateur national de la campagne Arbrescouts

Steve Lindsay

DNC — Technology & Innovation

Mike Cholubko

Systems and Business Analysis

Bob Collison

Current and Emerging Technologies

Brandon Scott

Technology Roadmap

Carlos Silva

User Experience Champion

John Cosgrave

Kevin Wigle

DNC — Volunteer Services

Jane Johnston

Learning & Development

Ross Benton

Commissioner Development

Andrea Cook

Theresa Allen-Young

Volunteer & Staff Engagement

Bruce Hauser

Public Appointment Process



Debby Corneal


Stewart Giem

Linda King

DNC — Marketing and Communications

Dirk Seis

Social Media

Lee Rego

Internal Communications

Brian Peebles

Local Marketing

Ella Misfeldt