In world Scouting, the opportunities to lead and volunteer abroad are nearly limitless. By representing Scouts Canada abroad, you venture into the world of diplomacy. Whether it’s by joining short-term staff at Kandersteg International Scout Centre, or by representing Scouts Canada at the World Scout Conference (or any and every possibility in between), you will be challenged to put everything you’ve ever learned about international Scouting into working with others for a common goal. By volunteering internationally through Scouts Canada, you will take your first steps to leading the world.

Upcoming Opportunities

Opportunity Location Dates Information
Boy Scouts of America — International Camp Staff Program

Ages 18 to 30

Various locations across the USA Summer 2016 Applications Due by Jan. 1, 2016.

Send applications to

Click here for more information.

Ongoing Opportunities

Opportunity Location Dates Information
Pool of international delegates for Scouts Canada Conferences, forums and workshops all around the world Pool is open from Sep. 1 to Aug. 31 each year Click here to learn how you can apply.
6-12 month volunteer opportunity Scout Activity Centres across the UK (including Gilwell Park) Negotiable Click here for more information.
Short-term Staff (seasonal) Kandersteg International Scout Centre, Switzerland Seasonal Click here for more information.


Have a question about International Volunteer Opportunities? Consult the Volunteer Opportunities FAQs page for more information.