Here’s your chance to discover a whole world of Scouting outside your meeting hall. By participating with your Group in the ScoutsAbroad Pen Pal Program, you’ll have the opportunity to talk with members of Scouting from around the world. You can make connections and learn all about what Scouts do in other countries. This is your opportunity to get involved in international Scouting even at a younger age. Imagine all the places in the world and new international friends that are waiting to be discovered by you!

Countries Available for Pen Pals

Country Preferred section to link with
Australia Beaver Scouts (Colony – ages 5-7)
Africa All Sections, Girls only
United Kingdom Beaver Scouts (Colony – ages 5-7)

Groups in Canada Available for Pen Pals

Group Location Preferred section to link with
Nanaimo, BC Eastern Canada, Cub Scouts


Have questions about the Pen Pal Program? Consult the Pen Pal Program FAQs page for more information.
Want to participate? Contact the National Coordinator at