Where will Scouting will take you? To another side of the world, working side by side with other members of the Scouting community, fighting poverty and inequality or working towards environmental initiatives to make a lasting change in the world.

From as early as Beaver Scouts, we learn to help take care of the world, to do our best, be prepared, challenge ourselves and serve others. International development projects through ScoutsAbroad put everything you’ve learned to the test. You get the opportunity to grow, build your resume, find your passion in life, and change the world. It’s youth development through international development, and it starts with Scouts.

Upcoming Development Projects

Project Project Description
Madagascar 2014 The 2014 project is a continuation of the work that started at our first meetings in 2008. This summer, we’ll be building another three classrooms in a building next to the one completed in 2012. We’ll also be building a fresh water reservoir, which will be fed from the wells that we sponsored in 2009. Water from this reservoir will be available for drinking, cleaning and cooking and will go into irrigation for a food garden for the school. Not only that, but it will provide water for the washroom facility we built in 2012.

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Opération Solidarité Haïti 2014 Since the earthquake in January 2010 in Haiti, members of l’Association des Scouts du Canada (ASC) have been sending young scouters to Haiti to work on various development projects in collaboration with l’Association Nationale de Scouts d’Haiti (ANSH) and Scouts et Guides de France (SGdF). For a second year, Scouts Canada and L’ASC is participating in this initiative in hopes of strengthening a solid partnership between the organizations while engaging Scouting youth in an exciting adventure to help others around the world.

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Paraguay 2014 (Quebec Council) Focusing on achieving universal primary education.
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Past Development Projects

Project Project Description
Kenya 2012 In 1991 Scouts Canada traveled to Kenya with the goal of building a small health centre for a rural community. The clinic now treats 250 people a day and it was time to return for an upgrade and expansion.
Madagascar 2012 Following through on a promise made in 2008, 22 Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts and Scouters traveled to the village of Ambato Boeni to work with the community to build a school and a washroom facility, but the impact was much, much greater than just that.

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Mexico 2011 In July 2011, a group of 35 Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts, Leaders and parents traveled to Vicente Guerrero, Mexico for 16 days to help build four houses to help local families to break the cycle of poverty.
South Africa 2010 In August 2010, youth and adults from across Canada and South Africa traveled to Welkom, South Africa to build community food gardens and rainwater reservoirs. During the three weeks spent in South Africa the project participants upgraded eight different schools with reservoirs, including building and installing downspouts and water tanks.

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Paraguay 2009 In July 2009, a combined group of youth, Scouters and support staff from Tri-Shores Council traveled to the village of Nemby, Paraguay to rebuild a school which was forgotten and crumbling. The school now has the capacity to house 250 students and is the home to a breakfast program run by local Scouts.

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Peru 2009 In August 2009. the 25th Dunbar Heights Venturer Company from Vancouver, BC completed a community development project in Cusco, Peru. The project improved the quality of life for Peruvians through the construction of a chicken coop at a local school in order to provide a food source for the students as well as a source of revenue for the local community.
Gambia 2007 In July and August of 2007, Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts from Nova Scotia Council traveled to Sanyang, Gambia to develop a facility that would allow for economic growth in their community. The central focus of this project was a large lodge that can be used for training purposes for youth and leaders, national meetings and events and general purpose workshops.
Belize 2006 In August 2006,  contingent of Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts and Scouters from Tri-Shores Council traveled down to the Valley of Peace, Belize to build a hurricane shelter/community centre with the community. For three weeks, the group worked, played and learned alongside Scouts from across Belize and the people who lived in the Valley of Peace.

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