ECHOage: Support Scouting Youth

Scouts Canada’s partnership with ECHOage – an online platform that commemorates birthdays and life’s milestones – provides parents and youth with an opportunity to celebrate special occasions with an eco-friendly, charitable twist.

For birthdays, gifting and other celebratory occasions, Scouts Canada encourages you to host your party with ECHOage. Simply customize your invitation, select Scouts Canada as your charity of choice, input your party details and invite your guests! In lieu of a wrapped gift, your guests can give the gift of a donation that will offer youth facing economic barriers access to the benefits of Scouting.

“When kids spend time outdoors, challenging themselves while surrounded by people who care about them – that’s when the magic happens. That’s when young people discover who they really are, and what they’re capable of.”

Paula Daley – Scouter, No One Left Behind Recipient

With ECHOage, you have the ability to provide youth in communities across the country with the chance to participate in Scouts Canada’s various programs. Through generous ECHOage celebrations, we can expand our ability to offer outdoor-focused, educational programming that provides unique leadership opportunities to girls and boys across Canada. By selecting Scouts Canada as the charity you’d like to support, you can help us fulfill our mission of developing well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world.

To learn about the impact that Scouting youth have and home and abroad, visit


Discover how you can host your eco-friendly party by contacting Ashley Ferguson, Senior Fundraising Coordinator on the Giving Team at Scouts Canada.

Ashley Ferguson, Senior Fundraising Coordinator
613.224.5134 ext. 290

Giving Tuesday

On behalf of Scouts Canada, we’d like to send a sincere note of appreciation to our supporters who participated in Giving Tuesday 2018.

Each year in November for Giving Tuesday, Scouts Canada encourages you – our community – to share your Scouting experiences with others. Using the hashtag #WhyGive, we invite you to demonstrate how giving to Scouts Canada is important for developing Canada’s young leaders, helping them prepare for future success.

Together each year, your voices of support and inspiring stories showcase the meaningful impact that Scouting makes in the lives of Scouting youth and the communities around them.

In 2018, Giving Tuesday conveyed unity around the country as our community delivered selfless acts of kindness in support of our Scouting youth. Your contribution ensured that more kids from across Canada could experience all that Scouting has to offer. Thank you for giving to our No One Left Behind program.

Stay tuned in for the return of Giving Tuesday in November, 2019.


“Scouting is for everyone—regardless of gender, abilities, race, background, belief structures, or any other differences. Wherever a child’s interests may lead them, there are program elements to fit everyone.
Financial circumstances should never be what impedes a family’s ability to get the most out of the Scouting program. That is why I am a supporter of the No One Left Behind program.”

Scouter Dave Wright, Donor — 2018

#WhyGive to Scouts Canada?

Your participation on Giving Tuesday will support our Mission to help develop well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world;

Together we can give Canadian youth a safe, inclusive and adventurous environment to discover their capabilities, offering opportunities for girls and boys to join a Scouting Group where they will build lifelong friendships, develop important life skills, and embark on memorable adventures;

With support for our No One Left Behind program, we can ensure that all youth are given access to the benefits of Scouting. Through this meaningful program, youth facing economic barriers are given access to the Scouting experience, and a chance to build a positive future for themselves and the world.

Through No One Left Behind, Scouts Canada registered 3,224 youth from low-income families last year, offering subsidized membership fees, uniforms costs, outdoor equipment and camping gear to girls and boys aged 5-26 across the country – totaling $522,920 through the program.

“Far too many kids aren’t able to have [Scouting] experiences … and a lot of families — like ours — can’t afford these things without help.”

Paula Daley, Scouter and No One Left Behind Recipient – 2018

Daley Family, No One Left Behind