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2020 CBR Moot in Australia: Head of Contingent

13th Asia-Pacific Region Moot / 21st Australian Rover Moot is taking place is Canberra, Australia from Dec 30th 2019 to Jan 10th, 2020.

In order for Scouts Canada to send a contingent to this event, a Head of Contingent must be named to represent Scouts Canada for communications with the Moot organizers. The Head of Contingent will also be responsible for coordinating the sharing of information and assisting registration of Scouts Canada members wishing to attend the Moot. Support for the role will be provided by the Scouts Canada International Team.

If you are interested, please send a cover letter and resume to publicappts@scouts.ca by Friday, January 14th.

The Head of Contingent must be a Scouts Canada member in good standing who is eligible to attend as a participant (under age 27 at Dec 30, 2019), will be attending the entire Moot, and has good communication skills. Ability to communicate in French may be an asset.

For more information about the Moot, please visit cbrmoot.scouts.com.au.