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Throughout the 2018/19 Scouting year, Scouts Canada will be developing strategies to revitalize our Movement’s brand among both current and potential members in support of four primary goals:

  • Deliver a dynamic Scouting adventure experience that sustains delivery of our Mission:  To help develop well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world;
  • Strengthen Scouts Canada’s reputation as the Country’s leading youth-serving organization;
  • Establish a strong differentiation between Scouting in Canada and other youth activities with which we compete;
  • Enhance our ability to retain and recruit youth and adult volunteers; and

Our brand strategies will be informed by input and recommendations from our members:  What are the strengths of Scouts Canada’s image, program and services to members?  Where are the weaknesses? How do we bridge the gap to achieve our goals?  One of the ways in which we will gather this information is through a series of workshops held with Scouting Groups across Canada in the months of January through March of 2019.

We are recruiting workshop facilitators who will conduct information-gathering sessions in their local Areas.  We provide the training, presentations materials and support; you provide the enthusiasm and commitment to ensuring that our member’s voices are heard.  You will also be rewarded for your hard work with a range of top-brand adventure gear packages, depending upon the number of workshops you complete.

Interested?  Read the Brand Workshop Facilitator job description for more information, and contact us at Public Appointments to apply, or to ask any questions that you may have.  Include a cover letter that explains why you are interested in the role and identifies relevant skills and experience that you bring, and feel free to attach your C.V.


As a Brand Workshop Facilitator, you will be expected to plan, organize and conduct a minimum of three workshops of groups of 15 or more Scouts and Scouters over a three-month timeframe: March, April and May of 2019.  You will also be required will to maintain familiarity with activity guides, workshop procedures and paperwork requirements.

  • Attend a two-day training session in an Eastern, Central or Western location (depending upon where you reside) for Brand Workshop Facilitators.  Dates will be determined in consultation with successful candidates and expenses will be paid.
  • Participate in monthly facilitator conference calls and provide status updates.
  • Promote Brand Workshops in your Council and Area by contacting Council, Area and Group Commissioners and Scouting Relationship Managers with information about Brand Workshops.
  • Build demand for Brand Workshops, utilizing Council and Area events and communications channels (email, Website, newsletters) to ensure that all members of Council are invited to participate.
  • Plan, coordinate and complete 10 workshops over a three-month period in your designated coverage area.  While you will enlist support for workshop delivery, you will ultimately be responsible for ensuring that workshop requirements are fulfilled.
  • Ensure workshop consistency and quality by delivering the curriculum as designed and developing a mastery of the content.
  • Maintain accurate workshop data, including attendance rosters, evaluations, and other reporting documents.
  • Complete the paperwork necessary to administer and evaluate the Brand Workshops. This includes implementing updates to workshop materials (these will be provided), uploading sign-in sheets, monitoring evaluation survey completion by workshop attendees.


Organizational Competencies

  • Member Focus – Demonstrates commitment to increasing member satisfaction, assumes responsibility for solving problems, ensures commitments to members are met
  • Integrity/Ethics – Deals with others in a straightforward and honest manner, maintains confidentiality and supports Scouting values
  • Dependability – Meets commitments, accepts accountability, stays focused under pressure and meets project requirements
  • Teamwork – Meets all team deadlines and responsibilities, listens to others and values opinions, supports team members in meeting goals, welcomes newcomers and promotes a team atmosphere
  • Job knowledge – Understands duties and responsibilities, has necessary job knowledge and technical skills and understands Scouts Canada’s mission/vision


To effectively perform the above duties and responsibilities, certain qualifications are necessary of facilitators:

  • A registered Scouter with Scouts Canada with a minimum of 2 years in a leadership position;
  • Have strong communication skills – able to communicate effectively with Scouts and Scouters and conduct an interactive, interesting workshop.
  • Understand and represent, in a professional manner, the mission of Scouts Canada and the objectives of the Brand Revitalization project;
  • Be objective in your presentation of the materials and knowledgeable of Scouts Canada Program (the Canadian Path), Policies and Procedures;
  • Be motivated and able to dedicate the time to organize and conduct workshops in your coverage area. Know the key contacts in your Area and Council to who can help you get the word out, set up workshops and recruit local support as required;
  • Have good “people” skills – able to relate well to people from varied backgrounds, help them feel comfortable, encourage their active participation in workshops and completion of evaluation survey;
  • Have a valid driver’s license or access to transportation within your Scouting Area.

Work Experience Required:

  • A registered Scouter with Scouts Canada with a minimum of 2 years in a leadership position;
  • Prior experience in public speaking and good presentation skills are required


Workshop facilitators will be assigned a “coverage area” that corresponds your area of residence.  An automobile or alternative transportation support (i.e. someone to drive you) will likely be required, as you will transport presentation materials to each workshop delivered.

  • Workshops will be conducted evenings and weekends to accommodate Scouters’ and Scouts’ availability and to align workshop timing with other Area or Council scheduled events.
  • Workshops will either be conducted in Council facilities or Area or Group meeting spaces.
  • Council staff will provide support in sourcing venues for workshops


This role will require that you are able to:

  • Travel to a two-day training session in an Eastern, Central or Western location (depending upon where you reside).  Dates will be determined in consultation with successful candidates and expenses will be paid.
  • Transport presentation materials (computer, handouts, leave-behinds) to workshop venues.
  • Stand for periods of one to two hours as you deliver workshops and facilitate discussion


  • This project will require from 10 – 12 hours per month over a three-month period, plus two days for training and travel.


  • Facilitators will be able to choose from a series of outdoor adventure gear packages. Three adventure packages ranging in value ($300.00, $500.00, $1,000.00) will be offered corresponding to completion of three, five and ten (3/ 5/ 10) workshops.
  • Scouts Canada will reimburse travel costs related to workshop delivery within your area or Council