Program Resources

We have everything you need to plan and execute a successful popcorn sale, simply review the Scout Popcorn Scouter Guidebook (included in your Popcorn Sale Kit) and utilize the resources below.

Scouter Guidebook
Promotional Items

We have many items to help you communicate with your youth and parents throughout the popcorn sale.

Scout Popcorn Leave Behind Note

Sorry I missed you! Print out some of these leave behind notes so that customers can still get their Scout Popcorn if they weren't home when you came by.

Canadian Forces Thank You Cards

When a customer purchases Scout Popcorn for the Canadian Forces Program, make sure you provide them with a Thank You card.

Popcorn Order Form

The order form for the 2015-16 Scout Popcorn Program.

Collection Envelope
Group Program Planner Summary

This is the 1st tab in the Excel document. This tool is designed to give you an approximation of sales required to reach program plan goals. Note: when using this document, please consult your local council regarding the "Rate of Return" on Scout Popcorn.

Section Program Planner

This is the 2nd tab in the Excel document. Plan your Group's Scouting program by month, determine all of your costs and set Group and Youth sales goals with our Program Planner spreadsheet.

Scout Popcorn Budget Template
Build Your Best Popcorn Kickoff Ever

Refer to the Scout Popcorn Scouter Guidebook for the kickoff agenda and room layout to follow. Use the materials in the Popcorn Sale Kit to decorate your meeting room as well as the downloadable posters. Customize your PowerPoint kickoff presentation.

Communicate Effectively With Youth And Parents

Groups can provide parents with the key program and sale information by customizing the Parent Handout.

Scout Incentive Handout

You can also customize the Scout Incentive Handout to showcase the Group Popcorn Rewards for your local Group.

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