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Here are some helpful ways to sell Scout Popcorn.

1. Take Order

This is the most traditional way of selling. This type of selling involves going door-to-door with the take order form which you receive from your Leader or Council. Your customer chooses the product(s) he or she wishes to buy and writes the order on your form. You should collect the money when the customer places the order and confirm with them the expected delivery time.

Advantages: Provides a personal connection with your customers allowing them more opportunity to support you in your fundraising initiative.

2. Show and Deliver

This method is similar to Take Order but you bring some Scout Popcorn along with you when you sell. When your customer orders something off the order form, check the products you have with you to see if you can deliver the product immediately.

Advantage: No return trip required for product delivery and money collection.

3. Selling at Work

Ask your parent/guardian to bring an order form to their workplace. Their co-workers can fill out the order form, and a few weeks later, your parent/guardian can deliver the Scout Popcorn and collect their money.

Advantages: Expands your customer base and who doesn’t want a snack at work?

4. Show and Sell

Remember to first get permission to sell in front of a store or in the local mall Once you get the go-ahead, your local Group can set up a display with Scout Popcorn for people to purchase as they walk by. Be sure to have plenty of products on hand and samples for people to taste. You don’t want to run out!

Advantages: Gives you access to a large number of potential customers and helps promote Scouts Canada in your community.
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Buy Scout Popcorn

Do you want to try delicious Scout Popcorn but haven’t had a Scout come to your door yet? Ordering Scout Popcorn is easier than ever. All you have to do is contact your local Council Office!

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