2013 Top Sellers

Congratulations and a job well done to EVERYONE who participated this year in the 2013 Scout Popcorn Program!

National Top Seller

iPadThe top seller in Canada received an iPad2! Congratulations to Samantha H. of Northern Lights Council who sold $18,000 worth of Scout Popcorn!

Council Top Sellers
Name Council
Adam L Battlefields Council
Charlotte M Cascadia Council
Alex C Central Escarpment Council
Aiden L Chinook Council
Evan O Fraser Valley Council
Isabel T Greater Toronto Council
Stefan G Manitoba Council
Gabriel S New Brunswick Council
Nicholas W Newfoundland and Labrador Council
Samantha H Northern Lights Council
Julie M Northern Ontario Council
Ryan E Nova Scotia Council
Jaden M Pacific Coast Council
Connell D Prince Edward Island Council
Simon D Quebec Council
Dale W Saskatchewan Council
Devin K Shining Waters Council
Sam W Tri Shores Council
Donovan B Voyageur Council
Kyle B White Pine Council
Level 6 Draw (sell $1,000 or more)

Top Council SellersSell $1,000 or more to enter a draw to receive an iPad Mini!

Name Council
Jules B New Brunswick Council
Mathew K Northern Lights Council
Brayden P Northern Lights Council
Rebecca H Saskatchewan Council
Tyler M Chinook Council
Level 8 Draw (sell $2,000 or more)

Top Council SellersSell $2,000 or more to enter a draw to receive an iPad2!

Name Council
Lincoln R Saskatchewan Council
Daniel Z Greater Toronto Council
Rowan O Northern Lights Council
AJ F Chinook Council
Germaine G Saskatchewan Council
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