The Canadian Path is all about youth-led Scouting adventures. Now’s the time for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers to start planning the great, safe Scouting adventures you’ll do this summer!

There is a variety of adventure categories to explore on this website, and each has resources produced by Scouts Canada and other adventure leaders.

Whether your Section plans to share a single day of adventure or a week-long expedition, the summer season offers fantastic opportunities for all kinds of great Scouting experiences that just aren’t the same in other times of year. So get out and share an adventure!

We’ll see you on the Path!

Plan Your Summer Adventures

Summer is a special time of year in Canada. It’s a season that just fits with so many of the adventures we think about when we think about Scouting.

Now’s the time to start thinking about what adventures your Section might like to share this summer. There’s no end to the possibilities!


Day Adventures

There are countless summer adventures for all Sections that can be enjoyed in a single day!


Overnight Adventures

There are countless overnight summer adventures that all Sections can share!

There are many beautiful places to camp and explore all across Canada, and all kinds of ways to explore them!


Summer Camps and OAS

Summer’s a special time for Scouting. More than any other season, it’s an opportunity for Beavers Scouts and Cub Scouts to have unique adventures at Scouts Canada camps. Summer’s also the perfect time of year for Scouts to explore the Outdoor Adventure Skills.


Summer Service Projects

Summer’s a great opportunity for all Scouting Sections to take part in service adventures in their communities.


Family Camping and Jamborees

Summer’s a great time for Beavers and Cubs to get out and share a camping adventure with their families. It’s also the time of year for jamborees – those awesome Scouting gatherings where you can take part in fun activities and make heaps of new friends. Going to a far-away jamboree takes a great deal of planning—now’s the time to consider the awesome opportunities taking place in summer of 2019.


Parks Canada

Summer’s a great time to get out and share a camping adventure. There are many beautiful places to camp all across Canada, and some of the most spectacular are found in our national parks.


Review and Celebrate

When your summer adventure’s wrapped up, don’t forget to review your experience. Plan-Do-Review is one of the Four Elements of The Canadian Path, and if there’s one part of the cycle that tends to get overlooked, it’s reviewing adventures.