Welcome to the Pond!

As Beaver Scouts, you get to discover your world by exploring a map of the Pond. Embark on adventures like camping, hiking, playing games and even having campfires—all the while making great new friends along the way!

Each symbolic area on the map provides an opportunity to plan, learn and review the six program areas of Scouting: Environment & Outdoors, Leadership, Active & Healthy Living, Citizenship, Creative Expression and Beliefs & Values. By brainstorming with your Beaver Lodge or Colony, you will discuss what kinds of adventures to explore in each different place at the Pond. For example, you may want to visit Hawkeye’s Campfire on the map, which calls for planning a campfire and special ceremony; or perhaps you’d like to try your hand at Echo’s Mountain, which involves an Outdoor Adventure Skills activity.

Beavers are a creative bunch, and you will love sharing ideas and learning with your friends!

Map of the Pond

The map of the Pond for the Beaver Scout Section depicts the six Program Areas of the Canadian Path as inspired by the Beavers’ symbolic framework of Friends of the Forest.

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  • Beaver Scout Camping

    In an effort to harmonize many items in our policies, a decision was taken to make camping more accessible for Beaver Scouts. We aim to ensure that all of our members receive the best possible Scouting experience. Getting Beavers outdoors is a must. The Scouting Adventure starts in Beaver Scouts!

    This guide will provide you with some helpful tips to give Beavers Scouts, their parents and Scouters amazing new experiences.

    Let’s get our Beavers OUTSIDE! Here is a collection of easy tips to keep our Beaver Scouts safe and to make our camping trips the experiences we know they should be.

    Download the Beaver Scout Camping Booklet