Trail Cards are a great way to explore new ideas and activities for each Section on The Canadian Path.

Below you will find Section-specific Trail Cards that will help you explore the Four Elements of the Path while completing an activity. The Four Elements include a youth-led approach, the “Plan-Do-Review” method, adventurous activity and SPICES. These elements can be applied within each of the six Program Areas, using the Trail Cards during planning meetings to help map the direction of an activity or event.

If you’re in Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts or Scouts, the Trail cards are even marked with icons that match up with your map. Scouts, Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts will notice that there are two copies of the Trail Card per sheet. They are intended to be cut and folded — download the instructions.

What’s on a Trail Card?

For more information on the Trail Cards, check out the Trail Card Infographic.

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  • Active & Healthy Living

  • Beliefs & Values

  • Citizenship

  • Creative Expression

  • Environment & Outdoors

  • Leadership