Scouting is a global movement and ScoutsAbroad is a way for every member of Scouts Canada to get out into the world. Through the different sections of this program, everyone will develop an understanding of the world and their place in it.
Welcome to worldwide Scouting. Welcome to ScoutsAbroad.
  • Pen Pal Program

    Discover the World

    With 35 million Scouts outside your meeting hall, now’s your chance to discover
    international Scouting!

    Discover More
  • International Events

    Encounter the World

    The whole world is coming together through Scouting, and they’ve saved a spot for you

    Encounter More
  • International Exchanges

    Experience the World

    The world is an exciting place. Get out there and experience another country and culture—prepare to be amazed

    Experience More
  • International Development Projects

    Change the World

    You have a part to play in ending poverty and inequality. You can change the world

    Change More
  • International Volunteer Opportunities

    Lead the World

    There is a whole world out there. Are you ready to lead it?

    Lead More
  • Jamboree on the Air and Internet

    Talk to the World

    Want to talk to half a million Scouts around the world without leaving your hometown? Then JOTA/JOTI is for you

    Talk More