The Space Exploration Kit is the product of a collaboration between the Canada Science and Technology Museum and Scout Canada’s STEM program. The kit provides activity cards and materials for seven STEM projects that can be done over the course of a few weeks in Pack meetings, or during a weekend camp. The kit contains:

  • Activity cards: These cards include some background information and instructions on how to plan, do and review the activities. They also list the materials that are needed for each activity and the approximate amount of time it takes to complete each part.
  • Activity materials and equipment: Most of the materials and equipment needed for completing the activities are in the kit. In some cases, materials will need to be provided; those items are specified on the activity cards.
  • Background Information and Scouter Manual: This document includes more detailed information about the STEM concepts behind each activity, supporting documents for each activity, and some alternative additional activities that complement the package.

Space Exploration Kit

  • Astronaut Training
  • Astronaut Training
  • Piloted and Unpiloted Space Exploration
  • Rockets and Spacecraft
  • Robotic Hand
  • Inflatable Space Station
  • Designer Space Station
  • Mission Patch Design
  • Astronaut Training

    Cub Scouts will circulate through a series of activity stations to discover various aspects of life in space.

    Trail Card
  • Piloted and Unpiloted Space Exploration

    Cubs will learn the pros and cons of human space exploration by studying a far-away object first with their eyes, then with mini telescopes (or binoculars), and finally by sending a human “probe.”

    Trail Card
  • Rockets and Spacecraft

    Cubs will understand the basic principles of rocketry by constructing and launching rockets made from pop bottles. They will also learn how pressure, developed from chemical reactions, can produce the thrust needed to power a rocket.

    Trail Card
  • Robotic Hand

    Cubs will build a robotic hand and learn more about Canada’s contributions to the International Space Station.

    Trail Card
  • Inflatable Space Station

    Cub Scouts will identify the various components of a space station, gain an understanding of their separate functions, and will build an inflatable space station that they can walk through.

    Trail Card Instruction Guide
  • Designer Space Station

    Cub Scouts will explore the decision-making process required to build a space station, like the International Space Station, by participating in a team effort to design a model space station.

    Trail Card
  • Mission Patch Design

    Cubs will analyze and describe personal and team mission patches from Canadian space missions. Teams of Cubs will create mission patches to visually communicate their teams’ background and imaginary mission to the International Space Station.

    Trail Card
Space Exploration Kit — Scouter Manual
SPACE EXPLORATION KIT FOR CUB SCOUTS — The Space Exploration Kit is the product of a collaboration between Canada Science and Technology Museum and Scout Canada’s STEM program.Download the Manual

Scouters can contact their local Scout Shop to reserve the kit for the period of time they plan to use it. There is a charge associated with the kits. Scouters will pay a $30 rental fee and a $50 deposit (which will be returned to them upon the return of the kit). The deposit can be made in the form of a Group check.

You can borrow the kit for a full month; however, you are highly encouraged to return it as soon as your Group is finished with it. This way, other Groups in your Area will have an opportunity to use it.

The kit is a 95 L storage box that weighs less than 5 kg.


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