Our Volunteers across Canada generously offer to share their time with the Scouting Movement. They are a vital part of an extraordinary world of learning and great safe adventures where they guide and mentor a terrific group of young people.

Their commitment, time and energy — without it, we couldn’t deliver our dynamic and engaging programs.

  • Scouter Manual

    This is your first-stop reference for the Canadian Path program, with content pertaining to all Sections, from Beaver Scouts to Rover Scouts.

    Have a look, and we’ll see you on The Path!

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  • Scouter Manual App

    The Scouter Manual App takes all of the content from the Scouter Manual and optimizes it for Scouters to explore on their iPads or Android tablets. The app includes embedded videos and direct links to all the resources referenced in the print version. The navigation allows Scouters to quickly find what they’re looking for. The App is currently only available for iOS on iPads and Android tablets.

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Scouter Resources
Scouting has been around for over 110 years and in that time we’ve accumulated thousands of great resources. You have access to all of the resources that you will need to embark on great, safe Scouting adventures with kids across Canada.Scouter Resources

Our new Policies and Procedures are more streamlined, more accessible, clearer and more useful to all of our members, particularly Council and Group Support Scouters and Section Scouters.

Details on the specific updates to our Policies and Procedures are provided in the Frequently Asked Questions. You will also find links to Qs and As in the Resources section of most Policies, Standards and Procedures. If you do not find the information that you are looking for, please submit your question to the Help Centre. You will receive an answer and we will update the Frequently Asked Questions as well.

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Brand Centre

The Scouts Canada Brand Centre is your source for all your marketing resources.

Find all the tips and tools you need to create professional and inspiring materials such as advertisements, flyers and posters that have been carefully designed to motivate and engage potential, new and current Scouts Canada members.

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