Scouts Canada Brand Centre

Fulfilling Scouts Canada’s mission means ensuring that as many youth as possible are invited to participate in great, safe Scouting adventures. Here you will find tools required to create professional and inspiring materials such as; advertisements, flyers and posters, that have been carefully designed to motivate and engage potential, new and current Scouts Canada members.

Through dynamic and consistent messaging and images, these materials will not only help you produce bolder, inspiring communications, they will showcase the best of the Scouts Canada experience. In doing so, you’re making a very real contribution to increasing our visibility as Canada’s premier youth organization.

  • Recruitment Materials

    Create awareness and increase your membership!

    Recruitment Materials
  • Advertising

    Newspaper, online and radio interviews are a great way to recruit.

    Advertising Materials
  • Social Media

    Social Media can be a successful way to communicate and engage the membership, while recruiting even more youth!

    Social Media Materials
  • Brand Resources

    Everything you need to incorporate the Scouts Canada brand in your local community!

    Brand Resources
  • Fundraising

    Fundraising resources can help you plan and execute your Scout Popcorn campaign!

  • Bring-a-Friend

    Invite your community to experience the outdoor adventure and fun Scouting provides.


Scout-Guide Week Toolkit

During Scout-Guide Week, members of Scouts Canada and Girl Guides hold special activities to promote our movements. Scout-Guide Week 2019 takes place from Feb. 19–25.

This kit is designed to help you promote your Scout-Guide Week activities in your local area with marketing and public relations tools and tips on how to use them effectively.

Scout-Guide Week Toolkit

This section is constantly changing with tools and resources being added and updated regularly. Remember we’re always happy to hear your suggestions. Send your comments to