Bring-a-Friends are a great opportunity to invite the community to experience the outdoor adventure and fun Scouting provides.

For youth, Bring-a-Friend adventures are a chance to show their friends, neighbours and family how awesome Scouting is, and to give their friends a chance to learn more about the incredible adventures and experience it offers.

For the Group, it provides an opportunity to fill their Sections and to connect with more parents and potential Scouters.

So how do we best shout the Scouting spirit to our guests?

At Scouts, our Mission to develop well-rounded youth better prepared for success in the world through a youth-led program.

The best Bring-a-Friend adventures demonstrate our Mission in action.

We all know our program helps youth develop well-rounded skills. It sets them up for future success by providing them with the skills and values to make a positive impact on society.

A Scout is...

… an Adventurer
Confident & Capable
… a Community Builder
… an Environmental Steward
… a Friend
… a Leader