BP&P Review

Our current BP&P has been through multiple revisions — sections were created in response to legal, social and other changes; different people wrote different sections; and in many places, procedures are mixed with policies. As a result, instructions can conflict from section to section, language can sometimes be confusing, and the overall document is difficult to update and manage.

We want to make BP&P more streamlined, accessible, understandable and useful to all readers, particularly Council, Group Support Scouters and all Section Scouters.

We need your help. Participate in the consultation process.

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By-law, Policies and Procedures (BP&P)

Introduction By-law No. 2
Section 1000 – Policies of Scouts Canada Section 2000 – Scouts Canada Structure
Section 3000 – Membership and Registration Section 4000 – Appointments and Positions
Section 5000 – Scouts Canada Programs Section 6000 – Adult Development
Section 7000 – Duty of Care Section 8000 – Uniforms and Insignia
Section 9000 – Recognition/Honours and Awards Section 10000 – Camping and Outdoor Activities
Section 11000 – Accounting and Fundraising Principles Section 12000 – Personal Information Protection
Section 13000 – Risk Management Section 14000 – Employees
Section 15000 – Conflict of Interest Section 16000 – Intellectual Property
Section 19000 – Other Procedures Section 20000 – Forms
Definitions BP&P Index
BP&P Full

Additional Policies and Procedures

Procedure: Temporary Suspension and Discipline Policy: Temporary Suspension and Discipline
Supporting a Member Under Suspension