BP&P Review Project

Every day, Scouters refer to the BP&P – our By-law, Policies and Procedures – for guidance on Scouting activities such as camping, fundraising, membership and safety.

We want to make BP&P more streamlined, accessible, understandable and useful to all readers, particularly Council and Group Support Scouters, and especially Section Scouters.

First, we are reviewing Scouts Canada’s policies and then Scouts Canada’s procedures.

BP&P Policy Review – Consultation Update

We had a terrific response to the call for feedback on Scouts Canada’s current and revised BP&P policies! Many thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts and ideas.

Here’s a quick summary of how many Scouts Canada members and stakeholders participated.

  • 1,726 responses to the online survey
  • 100 call-ins to the telephone focus groups
  • 400 volunteers for the upcoming BP&P procedure review

We heard from Scouters, Venturer and Rover Scouts, parents, community partners and employees.

We learned that people preferred responding by survey, and that parents and former members were interested in the process too.

The majority of participants told us the revised policies were easy to read and understand. Their comments also helped us fine tune policy intent and wording.

Next Steps

Now, the revised BP&P policies move on to their final review by the National Key 3, the Governance Committee and the Board of Governors. Our target completion date is May 2018.

The BP&P procedure review will begin in March 2018.

What’s the difference between policies and procedures?

Policies are the “why” of something and procedures are the “how”. For example, our fundraising policy talks about why fundraising is important to Scouts Canada and our fundraising procedures talk about how local groups should organize fundraising activities.

Policies and by-laws are the responsibility of Scouts Canada’s Board of Governors to manage and update. Procedures are ultimately the responsibility of the National Key Three.

The formal kick off for the BP&P Review project was the 2017 National Conference and AGM in Toronto.

Key project milestones include:

Drafts Prepared Policies October to December 2017
Procedures January 2017
Member Consultation Policies November 2017 to February 2018
Procedures April 2018
Consultation Feedback Integrated Policies February 2018
Procedures April 2018
Final Technical* Review Policies March 2018
Procedures April 2018
National Key 3 Review Policies March 2018
Procedures May 2018
Governance Committee Review Policies April 2018
Board of Governors Decision Policies May 2018
National Key 3 Approval Procedures June 2018
*Subject matter experts, internal policy advisors, legal.

Cooperative Effort

The Governance Committee of the Board of Governors and the Executive Director of Special Projects are working together to coordinate this project with the Executive Director taking the lead on project management.


If you have any questions, or want to know more about the process, please email bpandpreview@scouts.ca.