Parents that are involved in their child’s Scouting program tend to have a better understanding of how we deliver on our mission, have a greater likelihood of volunteering, and tend to keep their children in Scouting year after year.

The easiest way to make this happen – you need to ask them. A team of active Scouters have created Parent Engagement resources to help you get parents more involved in your Scouting adventures.

You will also find tools for parents that will quickly get them up-to-speed and guide them through the safety and training requirements they must fulfill, depending upon their level of participation.

Have a suggestion of your own for a new resource or tactic? Submit your idea via and flag it “Parent Engagement.”

Working together, we will see more and more parents participate in great, safe Scouting adventures. Along the way, they will come to understand what we mean when we say “It starts with Scouts.”