• Say Thanks

    Saying Thanks to a Scouts Canada volunteer for their outstanding contributions to Scouting is this easy:

    • Any stakeholder to Scouting (volunteers, youth, parents, the community at large) can fill out a simple form to commend a Scouter for their outstanding act or service to Scouting.
    • Scouters will receive a certificate every time they are commended by a stakeholder and it will be presented within the Scouter’s section or group.
    • As Scouters accumulate commendations, they will become eligible for Outstanding Service Awards and will be recognized with a medal and uniform insignia for each award.
    Thank a Scouter Today
Meritorious Conduct or Gallantry Fortitude or Jack Cornwell Decoration

Update in progress. Please contact for Deputy Council Commissioner if you have any questions.

Medal of the Maple for Distinguished Youth Service

The Medal of the Maple for Distinguished Youth Service is an award created by the members of the National Youth Committee, designed to honour those youth who have significantly contributed to the Movement and the spirit of Scouting through community service, extraordinary Scouting participation and a solid system of personal values.

Medal of the Maple Nomination Form