The Canadian Path program is the way Scouting is done in Canada. This well-rounded program offers youth aged 5 to 26 an opportunity to experience new things, to have more adventures and to develop into confident and capable individuals better prepared for success in the world. Here you will find resources to help run the Canadian Path program.

Have questions on how best to transition to The Canadian Path? Visit the Canadian Path FAQ on the Online Support Centre.

Canadian Path FAQ

Volunteer Role Name Changes

As part of the transition to The Canadian Path, some Volunteer role names were changed to reflect the new program and its elements — most notably, the change from “Leader” to “Scouter”. has been updated to reflect this change as well as all Volunteer role names at the Section level and various other Volunteer role names.

View the Name Change Chart Role Name Change FAQs

  • Program Quality Guide

    The Program Quality Guide is broken down to bring youth aboard the evaluation process. Use the guide to create an awesome Scouting program! Have open discussions guided by the assessment questions to help your program move forward. Be honest, and challenge yourselves as a Section to live up to your own expectations for a great, safe Scouting program.

    Questions about Program Quality? Consult the Program Quality FAQs.

    Learn about the Group Committee Role in Program Quality.

    Learn about the changes to Seasonal Assessments in

    Download the Program Quality Guide

Section Resources

The 5 Program Sections
  • Beaver Scout Resources

    Colony Scouters can find resources in the Beaver Scout Program Area

    Beaver Scout Resources
  • Cub Scout Resources

    Pack Scouters can find resources in the Cub Scout Program Area

    Cub Scout Resources
  • Scouts Resources

    Troop Scouters can find resources in the Scout Program Area

    Scouts Resources
  • Venturer Scouts

    Company Scouters can find resources in the Venturer Scout Program Area

    Venturer Scouts Resources
  • Rover Scouts Resources

    Crew Scouters can find resources in the Rover Scout Program Area

    Rover Scouts Resources

The Canadian Path is all about developing well rounded individuals by encouraging youth to participate in a wide range of activities. Scouting is not about collecting badges. The badges of the Canadian Path are used to celebrate the personal journey of youth in scouting. They mark the milestones of the journey and celebrate youth achievements.

Top Section Awards Requirements Top Section Awards — Myscouts FAQs
Top Section Awards Flow Chart for Scouters Top Section Awards Flow Chart for SLT
Top Section Awards Log Outdoor Adventure Skills
Competency Tracking Badges ≠ Personal Progression

Guides to Personal Achievement Badges

Guide to Beaver Scout Personal Achievement Badges Guide to Cub Scout Personal Achievement Badges
Guide to Scout Personal Achievement Badges

Advancement Ceremonies

Beaver Scouts Swim Up Ceremony Cub Scouts Moving Up Ceremony
Scouts Moving Up Ceremony
  • Looking for STEM Resources?

    The Scouts Canada STEM program is designed to promote interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) among Scouting youth and their families. Many STEM Resources are available in the STEM Program Area.

    Explore STEM Program

The Spirituality Award is designed for members who are presently excluded from earning a Religion in Life Award by not belonging to a specific faith community. To help you earn this award, reference the resources below.

Award Rationale Spirituality Badge
Adult Requirements