Canadian Path Navigator

Welcome to the Canadian Path Navigator, an easy tool to help your Section assess its program. Discover where you are and how you can take your program to new heights!

The Navigator describes behavious you will recognize in your Section’s. Circle the ones that best represent your program. From that item, look at the next step’s behavior statement for a sense of how you can help your Section get more out of its program.

Canadian Path Navigator

We’re excited about this new resource and what it means for conversations around Section programs. The Canadian Path involves a lot of new practices, terms and materials. The Canadian Path Navigator frames Section programs in common, everyday language. It will help you and your fellow Scouters support some amazing new experiences in your Section.

Beaver and Cub Behaviour Chart

Identifying some of the behaviours for our younger Sections can be tricky. We cooked up these individual pages to help you seek those key behaviours.

Beaver Scout Behaviour  Cub Scout Behaviour

Find Yourself!

The Canadian Path Smart Charts are decision trees that will help you find the resources you require to discover all the resources and material on The Canadian Path.

Beaver Smart Chart  Cub Smart Chart  Scout Smart Chart  Venturer Smart Chart

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We prepared a survey to collect feedback of your experience with the Canadian Path Navigator. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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