3rd Prince George Group Growth Story

Fall 2015 began like any other Scouting Year. Parents of local boys and girls began emailing and calling the 3rd Prince George Scout Group looking to secure a spot for their child. They chatted with Company Scouters, Committee members and Dwayne Donaldson, Group Commissioner and long-time Pack Scouter for the 3rd Prince George Scout Group. Dwayne was excited about all the interest, but he began to realize there was a slight problem with the amount of youth looking to participate in Scouting adventures – there were not enough Volunteers.

Dwayne would have loved to accept all the new youth, however, he knew that he could not fulfill proper ratio between Scouters and youth if he did not acquire more Volunteers. Instead of disappointing the youth, and telling the parents there was not enough space, he decided to host a registration night for parents and youth.

3rd Prince George Group

Dwayne recounted the night’s events during his interview with ScoutScene. “We had a lot of the people turn up for the registration night – way more than expected. I had a bunch of extra youth interested in all the Sections, but it was the Beaver Colony that had the most interest. In total, we had thirty-six Beavers looking for a spot and only enough Volunteers for twenty-one youth. I knew we needed to do something a little different this year.”

Then Dwayne “took the Lead,” according to Area Support Manager, Timothy Pugh. “He explained to the parents the challenges and demands of having this many youth wanting to join. He explained the importance of ratio and how it is required for safety reasons and that only having more Volunteers would help. He explained to the parents that he wanted to start another Beaver Colony to meet the demand, but needed dedicated Volunteers to make this happen. Sure enough, parents started signing up right away.” In total, the 3rd Prince George Scout Group signed up 10 new fulltime Volunteers for the Scouting Year. This allowed the Group to increase their numbers from thirty-nine to sixty-three youth members.

3rd Prince George

“We have a lot planned for the year to come,” stated Dwayne. “Our Group gets outside a lot and I think all the new youth will love the experience. I think we have something special here and we’ll get even more kids interested next year. We’ll just need to get more Volunteers again.”

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