How to face your fears & overcome obstacles like a Scout

There are many things we will encounter in our Scouting adventures, but fear is among the hardest obstacles to climb. August 1st was National Mountain Climbing day, but for myself, I have never experienced the rush of mountaineering. So for I, and many other Scouts, this day represents the challenges we will come to face in our adventures with Scouting.

If there is one thing to remember when facing a challenge or fear, it is that fears are in your head, and challenges are temporary roadblocks.

So here are some tips to help you overcome your next great fear or challenge:

The first step to facing a setback is to believe in yourself. Whether you are learning to light a lantern or tie a new knot, being in the right mindset makes a huge difference. Finding your self-confidence and motivation can help you surpass any fear of failing you may have.

Secondly, it is important to take small steps to achieve your goals. Baby steps will lead to giant steps, and will help you accomplish the task faster. By overcoming a mini-goal, it will give you the courage to move onto the next, instead of being flustered by one huge objective, such your first time climbing a mountain.

Practice makes perfect. Remember your first time tackling the challenge of lighting a fire? Persistence is key in overcoming an obstacle. By getting used to the surroundings and practicing, you will be able to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

If you’re gearing up for your first mountain climbing adventure but like me, don’t have any mountains nearby to gain the skills necessary, try regular hikes up a steep hill to help you prepare.

Lastly, Be Prepared. After all, it is the Scout motto. Anything can happen at any time, and danger can arise at the most unexpected moments. Always think one step ahead, and recognize the what if’s. Like if a Troop is working towards their goal of completing a two night mountain climbing trip, but along the way, they realized that they didn’t bring any fuel for their camp stoves. Having a plan B is important in any situation, no matter how simple or complex the adventure.

I look forward to the opportunity to go on my first mountaineering adventure but know I will face challenges along the way. By taking the time to prepare and finding my confidence, I know I am up to the task and it will be a Scouting experience of a life time.


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