CJ 2017 Review

After returning from CJ, at our next meeting during the summer the youth sat around to discuss CJ. They discussed the activities they had done, what they had liked about them.
This included the trip there, the onsite activities, the drive home and so much in between.

They started to discuss some of the things they want to do at the next camps and meetings based on the fun they had at CJ. Even going as far to talk about how to transport food as the solution at CJ was not the best. This was a great thing to hear them learning from doing.

Eventually the discussion rolled to badge trading, and the differences it is at CJ vs. our normal camps. Not only the badges, but getting to talk to people from other parts of the country and world.

It was nice to see them talking about the adventures they had, reviewing what fun they had and ways they know they can improve on it. This was all organic and not pushed from the Scouter side. The youth had just started up the conversations, and hit all the nails on the head for the review process.

I hope everyone is as lucky to have youth taking a lead on the plan/do/review as our group.

I quickly attached the nice badge layout that was made by one of our youths parents to show off his adventure.


Adventure Images



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