Conquering My Fears

Rappelling Experience Scouts

During the fall of 2015 I had my first experience of rappelling over an actual cliff.

This took place at the Rattlesnake Point in the Halton Conservation area. The camp was put on by the Hamilton Venture Advisor Committee. Before then I had only done indoor rappelling or tower rappelling.

I was quite nervous so I started with some rock climbing first to ease my nerves. After an hour or so of scaling the rock face I decided that it was finally time to go down it instead. As I walked up the hill to the area where the rappelling ropes were set up my heart rate decided that it was going to go up with me so by the time I reached the top of the hill my heart was racing. Now fortunately when I had reached the rappelling area the line was non-existent, or rather it was unfortunate because that meant that I had no time to collect myself. So taking a deep breath I walked up to Gino, the scouter running the rappelling ropes, and asked to be hooked up to the ropes. Now something you should know about Gino is that he had never had someone not go over the edge. So he begins hooking me in and gets everything set up for me to go over.

At this point I was literally shaking in my boots due to the nerves, this honestly had to have been one of the most nerve racking things I had ever done, and I have written exams before so that says something. It was now time to start backing over the edge and at that moment I also went over the edge. I started freaking out and saying that there was no way that I was about to walk over an edge and that I couldn’t do it, all that typical stuff. After Gino finally managed to calm me down I unhooked and went to take a seat, but he only let me unhook with the promise that I would be back to try again. About ten or so minutes had passed and I was ready to try again. I walked up to him full of confidence and he started to hook me up again. Taking some deep breath’s, I stepped over. I had done it I was over the edge, now all that was left was to actually rappel down the cliff, which was the easy part. Literally the moment I had hit the ground and unhooked myself I was back at the top of the hill to go over again.

That just goes to show, all you need to do is conquer your fears and nothing will seem as bad as it is.


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