Gavin’s Emergence as a High Rolling Salesman

As a young salesman at the age of 7 Gavin set out on his path determined to reach his goal of $250 in popcorn sales. At first he was quite shy, hiding behind his personal bodyguard (his dad) every time a doorbell was pushed.

As he and his dad pushed on further, door after door he began to develop his sales techniques. “You have to try the UNBELIEVABLE BUTTER microwave popcorn” he would say, “It’s so much butter packed into one package, I don’t know how they do it!?”.

As purchases mounted his confidence grew and in no time he was no longer hiding behind his personal security, he was leading the charge! He used his limited but growing knowledge in sales, genuine charm & willingness to push on and keep trying even if some people just weren’t interested to drive his sales well past his goal of $250.

Gavin finished his 2017 Scout Popcorn Fundraiser with a whopping $640 in sales, look out WORLD there is a new found energy & drive in a young 7 year old boy to help raise funds for his young colony.

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The Bodyguard (Gavin’s Dad)

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  • Scouter Aurora

    Way to go, Gavin! You netted the 116th a lot of money towards our adventures.